Efficient and Reliable Documentation and ID Assistance in the UK and Internationally

At TLC Moves Limited we specialise in providing assistance where wet ink signatures are required to be witnessed and perhaps, due to circumstances, it is necessary for either a home or care home visit to witness signatures or to verify your identification in person.

Efficient and Reliable Signature and ID Verification services in the UK and internationally.

For Professional Signature and ID Verification Services in the UK and Internationally, look no further than TLC Moves Limited.  Our experienced Team is dedicated to assisting with problems that can arise with a property transaction process.  Contact us today for a free consultation to see if we can assist with the logistics required.

Make Property Transactions Conclude Quicker

Are you a solicitors practice or an estate agent that is involved in a difficult transaction that requires a proactive arrangement for all parties to sign documentation on a tight timescale? Then we offer the service to do the leg work and arrange those signatures to be witnessed professionally and if required the original documentation to be delivered to where it is needed to exchange contracts and complete the transaction. We offer very competitive prices and a minimal fee that can unlock the blocker in such circumstances.

Coordination and Verification Services

TLC Moves Limited is a trusted provider of assisting in the coordination and verification services for Co-Freeholders involved in a property transactions.

With over 15 years of experience in the conveyancing industry, we understand the challenges that can arise particularly with the share of Freehold Signatures and ID verification required.  We can assist in visiting Co-Freeholders either together, or separately to ensure signatures are witnessed correctly and the ID verified to enable contracts to be exchanged more swiftly through the solicitors instructed.  This is a common delay experienced with Leasehold Properties having a share of the Freehold.  Why not let us assist in the coordination of what is required and take the stress and hassle out of separate parties instructing their own legal representatives at a significantly increased cost and hassle.

We do offer bespoke Freehold Coordination packages and depending on circumstances, can save significant time and costs for all involved. 

Our aim is to simplify and streamline the journey by offering logistic solutions for the documentation involved.

Experienced and qualified conveyancing solicitor with a current practicing certificate to oversee the process and ensure compliance.

Comprehensive witnessing services for both residential and commercial properties.

International visits considered with all reasonable fees, travel and accommodation costs covered.

Can assist and coordinate with all parties involved, including Solicitors, Clients and Estate Agents (subject to confidentiality and data protection).

Fast and reliable service with competitive pricing.

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